Sunday, October 12, 2014


tropical country, hot day, perfect day to wear a simple lightweight outfit.. :D
bought this chiffon top from a local store in Bandung. love the color (somehow the blue looks so electric in these photos though).
the snakeskin patterned fake leather on the collar and cuff are enough for a laidback yet edgy look, at least for my taste :P
also i love when the wind is blowing this shirt, it flows on me just like liquid..

outfit: local brand EXPRESS flowy chiffon top, Supre liquid skirt, booties & sunnies: rubi.

Friday, October 10, 2014

peeking Perth (2).

that day was a long day..
we went for a road trip to a tourist attraction Cape Leeuwin, and we visited Margaret River area along the way to have big lunch at Sails Too Cafe :)
Margaret River is a pretty area, but we didn't stop to explore there for too long.

after few hours (yes, it's a longgg trip), we arrived at Cape Leeuwin to see the historical lighthouse and the beautiful ocean view around it. They provide a tour for those who want to know the complete story of the place and the historical lighthouse there..
The wind is extraordinarily strong! but apparently it's like that every single could get even stronger on most days.
Cape Leeuwin is not only interesting because of the lighthouse, but it is also the meeting point of 2 oceans (Indian ocean and Southern ocean)! very very beautiful place..

after Cape Leeuwin, we drove to Busselton, where they have the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. the beach is sooooo calm and beautiful! stunning view!

these are the highlights of our jouney in Perth part 2.

this is totally cool. see how the waves come from both sides and crash at each other in the middle of the ocean (at the meeting point of two oceans).
super strong wind! haha


the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere 
i only added a bit of contrast to this photo, with no filter!

our last stop that day is a secret beach, where my friend usually hangout at dawn with some friends stargazing. it is a cool secret hideout place!! we went there at night, but unfortunately it was quite cloudy.. i could only imagine how super amazing it would be when the sky is clear <3 <3

Friday, October 3, 2014

fall for BONOBOS.

some of you might already know that i am now in a preparation for my own wedding.
it is going to be a very simple and casual wedding where only close relatives and friends will be there to share the fun with me and Andre.
although it's just a small wedding, but i want to make sure that all the things; from dresses, decorations, cakes, until the men suits will match the laidback mood that i want my wedding to have.

i want Andre (my fiance) to wear a nice suit/blazer which is not too formal looking, BUT of course it should still be stylish! and the most important thing for me in searching for men suits is that they should have perfect fitting on the body! doesn't matter if a suit is expensive but when it doesn't fit the body nicely, then it's a big NO.

and amazingly by coincidence, i was contacted by Bonobos. it is a men clothing brand that claims to offer well-crafted, great fitting clothing and a top-notch shopping experience that's simple and painless.
of course i didn't believe those 'marketing words' right away, so i checked their website, and goshh..seriously i fell in love with their products!
they are the kind of clothing i would love my man to wear!
from the casuals until the dress-ups, they are all my taste! simple, but stylish and classy with (of course) superior quality materials.
you ladies should definitely check this brand, great stuff to buy for your men.
their NEW style for Fall totally won my heart! <3

anyway, i was asked to do some fun Style Challenge, basically i should create female looks that might match the style in their NEW Fall Lookbook.
(you can see their complete choices of suits here)

i chose 2 looks to style from (below).


LOOK 1 (my style)
Top: Mango
Flats: Chloe
Watch: Nixon


LOOK 2 (my style)

Plaid dress: Elizabeth and James
Earrings: Tory Burch
Ankle boots: Acne Studios

and here are the rest of the looks they sent me:

hope this will give you some inspirations for fall :)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

peeking Perth (1).

it was the first time i visited Perth.
we only spent few days there so our schedule was quite packed.
our trip was guided by Niken, our friend who was also very kind to provide accomodation for our short stay there. WE CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH, NIKEN! much loveee..

although Perth is not as hyped as Melbourne or Sydney, but to be completely honest, it's got something...some kind of special charm that made me want to come back there (in fact i actually asked Andre if he wanted to visit it again sometime soon :P).

maybe what makes Perth so memorable for me are these things:
- it's scorching sun
- super friendly people
- peaceful & serene (!!)
- old city (made me think like we went back to 30 years ago) (!!)
- VERY BIG portion of food! haha..

here are some highlights about our trip..

heaven for nuts lovers like me :) my favorite is the Abalone macadamia!!

we visited The House of Honey where you can buy products that are made from...guess what...honey :)
i tried the lotion there and it was so good!!

quick visit to the winery

Yahava Coffee! we tried different types of coffees with unique tastes. i love the one with fruity flavors (which i forgot the name)..very refreshing.


how cool is this!

so me.

my biggest regret is that i didn't buy one of those cute teapots and cups windchime! no room in our luggages T.T

we had dinner at Ciao Italia, a famous neighborhood restaurant at South Perth. the atmosphere here is so great! very warm, close and very happy.. the waiters are funny and super nice!

the end of that day, we relaxed by the Swan River. the city on the other side looks really really pretty...